Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – What is Meditation?

Here is Osho’s response to this question:

Meditation is a simple process
Of watching your own mind.
Not fighting with the mind
Not trying to control it either
Just remaining there, a choiceless witness.
Whatsoever passes you simply take note of it
With no prejudice for or against.
You don't call it names
That this should not come to my mind
That this is an ugly thought and
This is a very beautiful and virtuous thought.
You should not judge
You should remain non-judgmental
Because the moment you judge, you lose meditation.
You become identified.
Either you become a friend or you become a foe.
You create relationships.
Meditation means
Remaining unrelated with your thought process
Utterly unrelated, cool, calm
Watching whatsoever is passing.
And then a miracle happens:
Slowly slowly one becomes aware
That less and less thoughts are passing.
The more alert you are, the less thoughts pass
The less alert you are, the more thoughts pass.
It is as if traffic depends on your awareness.
When you are perfectly aware
Even for a single moment, all thinking stops.
Immediately, there is a sudden stop
And the road is empty, there is no traffic.
That moment is meditation.

Slowly slowly those moments come more and more
Those empty spaces come again and again
And stay longer.
And you become capable of moving easily
Into those empty spaces with no effort.
So whenever you want you can move
Into those empty spaces with no effort.
They are refreshing, rejuvenating
And they make you aware of who you are.
Freed from the mind you are freed
From all ideas about yourself.
Now you can see who you are without any prejudice.
And to know oneself
Is to know all that is worth knowing.
And to miss self-knowledge is to miss all.
A man may know everything in the world
But if he does not know himself
He is utterly ignorant
He is just a walking Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Freedom without awareness is only an empty idea.
It contains nothing.
One cannot be really free without being aware
Because your unconscious goes on dominating you
Your unconscious goes on pulling your strings.
You may think, you may believe that you are free
But you are not free, you are just a victim
Of natural forces, blind forces.

So there are two types of people. The majority
Follows the tradition, the society, the state.
The orthodox people, the conventional
The conformists ― they follow the crowd
They are not free.
And then there are a few rebellious spirits
Drop-outs, bohemians, artists
Painters, musicians, poets;
They think they are living in freedom
But they only think. Just by rebellion
Against the tradition you don't become free.
You are still under the rule of natural instincts.
You are possessed by lust, by greed, by ambitions.
And you are not a master of these things
You are a slave. Hence I say
Freedom is only possible through awareness.
Unless one transforms ones unconsciousness
Into consciousness there is no freedom.

And that is where only very few people
Have succeeded ― a Jesus, a Lao Tzu
A Zarathustra, a Buddha
Just a few people
Who can be counted on one's fingers.
They have really lived in freedom
Because they lived out of awareness.

That has to be the work for every seeker:
To create more and more awareness.
Then freedom comes of its own accord.
Freedom is the fragrance of the flower of awareness.

Osho: Eighty Four Thousand Poems, Chapter 5

Take a few minutes today and allow yourself to watch your mind, begin to develope your inner witness.

Learn more about Osho Meditations here:


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day - Guidelines for Sexual Healers

Today I am reprinting this valuable article written by David Cates. It is written for professional sexual healers. I believe we are all sexual healers. This information is important for anyone exploring their sexuality, both for healing themselves and being sensitive to their beloved.

Guidelines For Sexual Healers
Written by David Cates

I've seen many well-meaning but clumsy approaches to sexual healing. Here are the guidelines I use in my own practice. After 40 years as a healer, I've screwed up enough to discover what actually works!

David Cates

1. The body wants to pulse and flow. On the deepest level, we are vibrating waves of energy. Every system in the body, from atoms to heartbeat to brain to digestion, is rhythmically pulsing. Sexual trauma is only a temporary interruption to this flow. Some systems may freeze up, for minutes or years. Muscles may lock; nerves may keep firing; emotions may contract. Don't be alarmed; nothing is permanent. This attitude will greatly help your clients move beyond their fears and shame.

2. Sexual healing is a wave. Sexual trauma ripples through the entire being: body, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and beyond. Many clients will approach their healing in the mind, and then work their way down to emotions and finally confront their bodies. Be aware that all these systems interlock; waves cross over our neat boundaries. Sometimes a touch can trigger a spiritual emergency, or a memory might release a flood of emotion and physical shaking. Be alert to all these levels. Stay present and open with your entire being at all times.

3. Separation blocks flow. Often sexual trauma is blanketed in layers of secrecy and shame. So long as the story builds a wall of separation – from oneself, one's body, family and friends – the waves can't flow, and healing won't happen. The healer must bridge that gap by receiving the story in any and all of its forms – raw emotion, memories, physical evidence, history. We receive with our ears, hearts, minds and bodies. Our witnessing completes a circuit and allows the pulse to move again. If you can't witness clearly without tripping over your own issues or judgments or horror, pass this work along to someone who can.

4. Don't get trapped in the story. Like many other medical and psychological conditions, we have learned to treat sexual trauma as a thing to be attacked and cured, like a cancerous tumor. Many clients, overwhelmed by their own frozen bodies, relate to this perception. They believe their sexuality is a thing, not an interrupted wave. Holding this belief encourages your client to retreat into a drama instead of staying present with the here-and-now reality, which is never as awful as our stories about it. Listen with love but don't get lost. Bring your client back into this moment, and focus on the actual feelings and sensations happening now.

5. The body is your ally in the healing process. Healing is the body's natural response to stress and injury. Activate that natural response and the work becomes effortless. Cooperate with the body's desire to pulse. Don't push or pull; rock gently. I use the image of cradling and rocking a baby. Follow every expansion with contraction, every inhale with an exhale, every touch with a pause, and the body will soon remember its own rhythm. Repeat back each sound, mirror back each feeling, and the heart will open, too.

6. When we feel safe, we get real. Safety is the universal lubricant for healing work. Whatever has been closed will open; whatever has been held will be released. Muscles unlock, emotions flow, memories surface, the mind speaks honestly. Safety comes when we are in the presence of peace, strength and unconditional love. You can create safety for your clients by offering your authentic presence. You can create safety for yourself by making and honoring clear boundaries in the session.

7. Follow, don't lead. Always follow the body's lead. Sometimes it will want to contract when you think it should expand, or vice versa. Sometimes the process goes slower or faster than you think it should. Don't retraumatize by forcing your desire or agenda onto your clients. Empower them to take charge of their own healing. The awkward relationship here is between the client and their once-abandoned body. As much as possible, reintroduce them, then give them space to work it out. Witness and encourage, but don't interfere. You are not the main event here.

8. Your clients are living, breathing miracles… as divine and powerful as you are. Don't talk down to them or over them. Don't treat them like victims or incompetent children. They have called a powerful initiation into their lives, at the very root of their sexuality, and often at the core of their identity. Some of them are working out family dynamics and societal karma for all of us. Step up and honor this sacred charge.

If you'd like to refine your skills as a sexual healer (for yourself, your partner, or clients) please visit me at www.dakacoach.com.
My mission is to share the tools of sexual healing with every man and woman in America.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Tantra Tip of the Day- The Mandala Inside Me

The visualization and concretization of the mandala concept is one of the most significant contributions of Buddhism to Transpersonal Psychology. Mandalas are seen as sacred places which, by their very presence in the world, remind a viewer of the immanence of sanctity in the Universe and its potential in his or her self. In the context of the Buddhist path the purpose of a mandala is to put an end to human suffering, to attain enlightenment and to attain a correct view of Reality. It is a means to discover divinity by the realization that it resides within one's own self.
This is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandala

“The spiritual secret is that giving up any hope of escape from suffering actually opens the door to compassion and skillful means.”
Judith Simmer- Brown, Dakini’s Warm Breath

The Mandala Inside Me

My life is a mandala, it has a perimeter and at its center is a throne. Everything within this mandala is of my own making. Therefore, there is no escaping the suffering, as I am the creator of it. The way to end the suffering is by ending my mind’s addiction to it.

The suffering is created by my mind resisting what is arising and judging my every move. The way to end this suffering is by total acceptance of all parts of me. It is through love that freedom is realized. When I come to accept and love all parts of myself unconditionally then I discover freedom. Fear and judgment of myself and others dissolve in the face of acceptance. This allows me to see the divine in myself, in others, and in everything around me.

As I open to seeing and being my divine self in every moment, I move into an awareness that my mandala sits at the perfect center of a perfect universe that is made up of pure bliss. The bliss of pure potential creates the mandala of my life. Creation desires to dream, a dream of me in this world made of form. I am Creator and creation. There is no difference between my mandala and the emptiness from which it arises. They are one in the same; the only difference is the perspective I hold. Do I choose to feel the One or to feel separation?

I wrote this piece several years ago after I recognized how much I was suffering over a man who was unable to meet me in the way I wanted him too.

(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day - Feel into Surrender


Let go, flow, slow, don't know,
Relax, no resistance,
Tension melts,
Mind empty,
No thoughts,

Floating on a calm sea,
Buoyant, light, supported effortlessly.
Blue sky in all directions,
I am free; all is as it needs to be.

Peace at last,
No more fear,
No need to control,
Surrender all to the Infinite,
Trust totally.

By Crystal Dawn Morris March 27, 2009

Try this: Spend some time today exploring what surrender is to you. How does it feel? What beliefs do you have about it? Experience a moment of surrender and see what you discover about yourself.

(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – True Meditation and Self-Inquiry

The Buddha said that the causes of suffering were grasping and aversion. True Meditation supports you in being present and accepting what is. The habit of looking outside of youself to find happiness begins to dissolve. You become more spacious and open. When you are quiet, wisdom has a place to arise. You have laid a foundation for your spiritual practice. True Meditation also involves a second step.

While allowing everything to be as it is frees you from grasping. Adyashanti recommends adding a second step he calls, “meditative self-inquiry.” Adding it your meditation practice will deepen your awareness even further. He came upon this practice on his own, later he learned that it had a long history in India, where it is sometimes called Jnana Yoga.

Ramana Maharshi, a 20th century Indian sage, was a well known teacher of this method. The first question he recommended exploring is “Who am I?” Adyashanti prefers the question, “What am I?” The easiest way to begin your investigation is often to examine what you not. As you recognize what you are not, slowly you begin to discover your true nature is awareness. You discover that this “I” that you have thought of as who you are, is not what appears to be.

Try this: Spend some time today exploring the question, “Who or what am I?” Enter this process fresh, letting go of any preconceived ideas. Stay as present as possible, don’t hurry your exploration, find the deeper truth. Don’t just think about the question engage your full consciousness in your investigation. See what you discover.
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – True Meditation

In my exploration of Tantra as a path of awakening I find myself guided to what will support my next step. I love that Tantra is an inclusive path embracing what life offers as path to truth. Over the past few months I have been diving deeper into sitting meditation and meditative self-inquiry. I have been reading and listening to Adyashanti, Gangaji, and Eckhart Tolle and while I doubt any of them identify themselves as Tantra teachers all of them speak to awakening which is the path of Tantra.

I love finding new resources that are clear, concise and offer new tools that are simple to use. In True Meditation, Adyashanti clearly describes a form of meditation he developed over many years of trial and error, called “True Meditation.” It is a form of meditation that relinquishes the concept of controlling the mind. It is based on the knowledge that enlightenment is our natural state of, so we need only allow the mind to return to its true nature to wake up. The practice is to sit, relax the mind and allow everything to be as it is. My experience is that this form of meditation is liberating on many levels. You not only discover peace on the cushion but are able to take this attitude into every moment of your life.

Try this: Sit quietly, relax your mind and just allow everything to be as it is. Your attitude is one of innocence and openness. See what you discover.

(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day- Authenticity and Intimacy

You are in the arms of your lover, passion is flowing and your body is feeling good. Suddenly something happens, he says something, she seems distracted or you find yourself lost in thought and your lover reacts. What you do in the next few minutes will determine if you tell the truth, lie or go into denial.
Commonly, when a moment like this arises people choose to stifle their truth, believing if they are authentic they will be judged. This is the moment when you can choose intimacy or separation. If you are making love and you find yourself disconnected from your lover, the first thing is to become aware that you have disconnected. Then see if you can get present again. Let your partner know what is happening. You don’t have to get into a story about it just share the facts.

“I just noticed I am not fully connected to you. Will you breathe with me so I can tune in to you more fully?”

Ask for what you need to be present. It may be to stop for a few minutes and breathe together, to eye gaze, to cry or kiss… Take the time you need to arrive and be fully presence. By showing up and being transparent your lover sees you for who you truly are, not a false projection. By noticing that you had created separation and choosing to reconnect consciously you are deepening the intimacy between you.

What if speaking your truth disrupts the lovemaking and it turns into a discussion? If you find the energy going in another direction then trust the moment. Let go of attachment to outcome and be in the flow. If there is a desire is to deepen intimacy then trust that being open and authentic is more important than an orgasm. As you both learn how to be present, truthful and accepting of what is arising you will discover that the sex improves because aren’t trying to make love and instead are allowing love to flow naturally between you.

What if your lover has a strong reaction and doesn’t appreciate your desire to be authentic and transparent. Isn’t better to discover this early in your relating rather than later you are more invested in the relationship?

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Listen to Silence

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,

"All that you need is just to be silent and listen to existence. There is no need of any religion, there is no need of any God, there is no need of any priesthood, there is no need of any organization. I trust in the individual categorically. Nobody up to now has trusted in the individual in such a way, so all those things can be removed. Now all that is left to you is a state of meditation which simply means a state of utter silence. Even the word meditation makes it look heavier. It is better to just call it a simple, innocent silence." Osho

Try this today: See if you can hear the silence in the world. Listen for it in the space between words, notice it in the space between thoughts, celebrate the spaciousness that surrounds all activity.

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Love Flows Free

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,

Love flows free, when the heart is open.
Love flows free, when given without expectations.
Love flows free, when you are present in the Now.
Love flows free, when each moment is fresh and new.
Love flows free, when shared without regard to “return on investment.”
Love flows free, when you see the Divine reflected in all things, both great and small.

Today notice your relationship to love. How open is your heart? How easily does the love flow in each moment? What stops the flow? What limits your love? How do your expectations block the flow of love? When do you hold back your love, waiting to receive love, before you give love? Look at how you manifest or limit love in your life.

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Sexual Energy, Fuel for Awakening

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm, www.Mandalas.com

Tantra is unique from most spiritual practices is that it embraces sex as a path to the Divine. It sees the human body as a Temple. The body experiences birth, death, hunger, thirst, pain and pleasure. It is a laboratory for consciousness to play and explore the material world. Tantra uses the body’s sexual energy to expand awareness.

Tantric practices teach you how to move your sexual energy from the root, up to the heart center and then up to the crown, expanding conscious awareness as it moves into the upper chakras. Sexual energy is the rocket fuel that takes you beyond Earth’s gravitational field and into mystical realms. It accelerates the process of discovering that you are not our thoughts, bodies, feelings or beliefs. You are the Divine celebrating in human form, enjoying its ability to experience pleasure, bliss and Unity Consciousness.

In SkyDancing Tantra we use the 3 keys to open the “Inner Flute” and energize the Chakras. They are: breath, movement and sound. Try this:
1) Stand with your knees hip width apart and slightly bent.
2) Breathe through your mouth and into the belly, allowing it to expand.
3) Increase the energy by breathing in as if you are sipping through straw.
4) Allow your pelvis to rotate freely, keeping the knees bent. As you inhale rock the hips back, creating an arch in the back. As you exhale, tuck the tail bone under, flattening the back.
5) Add the PC pump. As you inhale squeeze the pelvic floor muscles pulling them upwards and as you exhale let them relax.
6) Put all the steps together. As you inhale imagine you are breathing the energy up from your root to your heart. Practice this until you feel the energy pulsing from your root to your heart. You can play with speeding up and slowing down your respiratory rate.
7) Once you have mastered connecting root and heart move the energy to the crown. Practice until you can feel the energy flowing from your root to your crown. See yourself as a rainbow bridge of light connecting Earth and Sky.
8) Do this practice prior to making love and incorporate it into your love making.

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Osho’s Tantra Vision

Osho was a 20th century Tantric master, sometimes called the spiritually incorrect mystic. In his book called The Tantra Vision, he shares these teachings about Tantra:
1) Tantra embraces everything as one.
2) Tantra accepts everything as an opportunity.
3) Tantra honors both masculine and feminine polarities.
4) Men and women have both masculine and feminine within them.
5) Tantra understands opposites are complimentary, not contradictory.
6) The union of masculine and feminine energies are a doorway to the Sacred.
7) Sexual union is a healing art that can awaken humans to their Divine Nature.

Do you honor sexuality as a sacred healing art? Make a date with your beloved and spend time together creating a sacred sexual healing ritual. If you are single do a self pleasuring ritual and dedicate it to your own healing or planetary healing. Notice if you have resistance to these ideas and if so, explore what the resistance is. For information on how to do these rituals, see Margot Anand’s The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.

To learn more about Osho go to http://www.osho.com/

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Say Yes to Life

Tantra says, "Yes! To what is. Yes, to this moment. Yes, to being you, as you are, now."

When you surrender into this moment and allow everything to be as it is, you become aware that all is one. You’re in the flow, neither resisting what is or grasping after something other than what is, to be happy. Resistance creates suffering, striving after some imagined future, creates suffering. Accepting yourself as you are, this moment as it is, the people around you as they are, life as it is, allows you to relax, open and just be. This is freedom.

Today, notice when you say yes to the moment and when you resist the moment. Experiment with saying yes, even when your habit would be to say no. If you find yourself in heavy traffic instead of cursing, and insisting this is not as it should be. Try accepting that you are in a traffic jam. If that isn’t possible, then accept that you are choosing to be in resistance to what is. Then notice if your resistance is causing suffering. Once you are aware of the suffering, see if you can soften your resistance. See the humor in your situation; laugh at how serious you are being. Try taking a deep breath, as you exhale relax and let go of trying to control the world around you. Notice how it feels to surrender into the moment. See what happens when you let go of resistance.

(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day- This is it!

This is it! Stop looking for __(fill in the blank)__ out there. This is it. This is all there is. Love this moment as it is. Be in joy. Be in the now. Enjoy life.

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – The Art of Awakening

Tantra is the path of awakening and recognizing your true nature as conscious Awareness. Here are 4 steps to help you awaken:

1) Recognize that you living in a dream and choose to wake up.

2) Activate the Witness - watch the dream unfold and recognize you are more than the dream and the dreamer.

3) Discover you are Awareness, the spaciousness consciousness in which everything arises, beyond time, space and form.

4) Practice both/and consciousness; you are both a person, living out your unique life experiences and eternal Awareness.

As you practice these steps notice what arises. How easy is it for you to recognize you are dreaming? When do you get lost in the dream? Are you able to activate the Witness in times of drama? Are you able to move beyond identification with the self and experience the Self, as Awareness?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day - Enjoy the Journey

Life is a journey, if your attention is primarily focused on getting to a particular destination you will miss out on all beauty and magic that happens along the way. Enjoy life as it unfolds, instead of waiting to get somewhere so you can be happy. As a seasoned traveler you are able to adapt to changing conditions along the road of life. If you discover that you got on the wrong train or missed your flight, instead of panicking, you enjoy the unexpected detour. A detour may guide you to discovering new sites you never imagined existed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day- Have a Love Affair

When you fall in love, suddenly you feel so good. You walk around with your heart open, smiling at complete strangers, feeling generous, happy and alive. You want the whole world to feel the love you are experiencing. The reason you feel this way because you are completely open to love and have let go of any resistance to what is. The object of your love has allowed you to know your true nature as Love.

Instead of falling in love with a person who eventually will disappoint you by being human, what would it be like to fall in love with your life? Having a love affair with your life is to being present in each moment and witnessing the miracle of life unfolding before you. It is appreciating all that you receive as a gift, without judging it.

Try this: Today, have a love affair with life. Can you remember the last time you fell in love? How did you feel? What did you do to express your joy? Take in the beauty all around you, buy yourself flowers, take a friend to lunch and tell them you are in love. Write a love poem about your life. What do you notice, when your life becomes your beloved?

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day - Let Your Heart Speak

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Your heart has its own intelligence. It naturally communicates to you through your emotional guidance system, that feeling you get, when something “just feels right.” Some people are tuned into their hearts, while others may routinely override their heart’s guidance.

This simple exercise is a great way to have direct communication to your heart's wisdom.

Try this: Lay down in a place where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Breathe slowly and deeply into your belly until you begin to relax. Then focus you’re attention on your heart and begin breathing into it. Notice what images, sensations and thoughts arise. Then consciously connect with your heart and invite it to speak and share its wisdom with you. Let it use your voice to speak to aloud you. Record or write down what you discover. Make sure the heart speaks in first person. Example: I, (heart,) desire more time in warm water. Not, my heart says she wants to spend more time in warm water. Allow yourself to connect deeply with your heart and listen to what it has to say. There may be pauses as you tune in and listen, continue for 5-10 minutes or until you feel complete. At the end thank your heart for sharing it wisdom.

You can learn more about how to communicate with your chakras in The Art of Everyday Ecstasy by Margot Anand.

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Learn How to Tell the Truth

One of the most powerful things you can do to is to tell the truth. First, you have to be honest with yourself. Then you can learn how to share your truth with others. It is a common habit to say what is expected, instead of what is true. Like when someone asks, “How are you?” And without even thinking about it you may respond, “I’m fine.” When in truth, you are feeling anything but fine.

Honesty is even more complex in relationships because you are afraid of hurting or disappointing the other person. This is even truer when you are first dating and want the person to like you. Learning to speak the truth is a skill that takes awareness and practice. Years ago I read a book that helped me overcome my habit of saying what I thought others wanted to hear. Mastering these skills has helped me to be more open and authentic in my communications. The book is called Truth in Dating by Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D, in it she shares:

The Ten Truth Skills

1) Experiencing what is
2) Being transparent
3) Noticing your intent
4) Giving and receiving feedback
5) Asserting what you want and don’t want
6) Taking back projections
7) Revising an earlier statement
8) Holding multiple perspectives
9) Sharing mixed emotions
10) Embracing silence

Today ask yourself am I being honest? Is what I am saying true? Am I withholding information out of fear or a need to control? Notice how often to tell the truth. Take some time to explore what telling the truth means to you.
Learn to Tell the Truth

C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awakening the Ecstatic Body March 14-15, Sedona

Awakening the Ecstatic Body Weekend, Level 1:
Opening the Pathways to Ecstasy

This experiential weekend workshop allows you to open you heart and explore your energy body as you awaken your inner lover. You will learn how to create a sacred space, share healthy boundaries and express your truth. You will explore the chakra energy system and learn how it relates to your sexual health, emotions and consciousness. You will develop a new understanding of touch and become more aware of your light body. By the end of the weekend you will feel an expanded flow of energy, awareness, and ecstasy throughout your being. You will leave this weekend with tools to create a more joyful, pleasure-filled, awakened life. This weekend is open to individuals and couples at all levels of experience.There is no nudity in this class.

$300 per person / Sliding scale available Save 10% if you use Paypal
Location: Sedona School of Temple Arts 2945 Southwest Dr. Sedona,AZ 863360
RSVP Crystal@TantraforAwakening.com or if you have questions.

Tantra Tip of the Day – Facing Fear, Finding Freedom

Fear is a monster that can eat us alive. As long as we run from it, hid from it or deny it, fear controls us. Once we turn and face our fear and feel it fully, it quickly loses its power and dissipates like smoke. We discover that our nightmare was just that, a bad dream. By waking up, we see that fear is our mind creating demons from thoughts of past and future. By choosing to face our fears and tell the truth about our situation we arrive in the present moment and discover freedom is just being in the Now, with an open heart.

Are you ready to face your fear and set yourself free? Stop, turn and face the demon that has been chasing you. Look it in the eye and see the truth of the situation. Accept what is so and allow yourself to let go. Enter the spaciousness of this moment and see what you notice?

C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Women, Self Pleasuring and Orgasms

Self pleasuring is a wonderful way for a woman to explore her own body and play with her sexual energy. It gives her time to discover what excites her without being concerned about pleasing her partner. She gets to experiment with different types of touch, pressure, speed and erogenous zones.

Getting comfortable bringing yourself to climax is an empowering act. It also makes it possible to communicate to your lover how you like to be loved. Learning to communicate how you like to be loved is a great way to deepen intimacy with your partner and increase the likelihood of being touched the way that most pleases you.

Try this: Self-pleasure several times this week. As you pleasure yourself stay very present, noticing what you like in enough detail that you could tell a lover how to do it in the same way. Notice if any resistance comes up around self pleasuring.

If you have a lover and feel ready, self pleasure in front of him, showing him how you love yourself. Arrange a time when you can tell him how you like to be loved as he pleasures you.

C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day – Blossom Open in Love

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

The time to blossom is here. There is only this moment, are you living it fully? If not, what holds you back? What are you waiting for? The future does not hold the answer. You will not be more tomorrow, than you are today. Your unique gifts are needed in the world now, that is why you are here to blossom open and share your gifts.

Be generous; let the world see your true face. Decide right now to live for today and to share your love, your heart, your gifts with others. Your generosity and courage will inspire others to blossom as well. What would the world be like if everyone believed they were enough and were able to open their hearts and share their love and gifts freely?

“You are either withholding your love in fear, or giving your deepest gifts.”
David Deida

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.
Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm www.Mandalas.com

Help Heal the World Economy - Chant the Mantra of Compassion

As I was doing this chant this morning it came to me that more than healing the world economy we need to shift the consciousness from one focused on not enough to one of abundance and from abundance to generousity. By being generous energy flows and all beings benefit.

If you want to help please chant the Mantra of Compassion, "Om Mani Padme Hum," at least 5 minutes a day, during the month of March. The goal is for the community-at-large to say the mantra at least one million times, with the intention of healing the world economy. This practice is in alignment with my piece I wrote on Compassion as a Practice.

White Conch is a Buddhist Group on Facebook that I am a member of, I received this message today. Read more below.

Ngawang Thekchen sent a message to the members of White Conch.


The worldwide economy is in crisis. Let us join together to make a difference! Join all of us by adding to the total of a Million Mantras for Recovery of the World Economy. The whole month of March, we will chant the Mantra of Compassion, "Om Mani Padme Hum" adding up to at least one million times and dedicate prayers for the recovery of the world economy by the power of compassion. Please commit five minutes (or five hours) per day to this effort. Offer one or two hundred repetitions or more each day; record your tally on the White Conch Dharma Center Group every week or so.

White Conch is an invitation only group. You may request to join and participate in the Million Mantras event if you are not a member yet. On the morning of March 1st those gathered for World Peace Prayers at Joyful Path Healing Center in Blue Mounds, WI chanted “Om Mani Padme Hum” together one hundred times. The chanting took no longer than five minutes.

How to count:

Hold a mala or rosary in your hand. As you repeat one mantra/prayer, move one bead towards you. One hundred repetitions is one round of a traditional mala, or five rounds of a wrist mala. It is two rounds of a Christian rosary. If you do not have a mala, you can use other ways to count:such as chant with a recording, marks on a paper or a bowlful of beans.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Experience a Chakra Cord Cutting Ritual

Today March 1st, 2009 Crystal Dawn spoke about chakras and did a chakra cord cutting ritual live on News for the Soul. This ritual is a good any time you need to let go of things you've become attatched too or if you feel someone has become corded to you and is draining your energy. It is good for releasing the past. They post the archives shortly after the live show and you can listen to them any time. You can also listen to the show I did January 19th about how I got involved with SkyDancing Tantra and the benefits of Tantra.

News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to GOOGLE and AOL and MSN and ALEXA and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and so on.NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world.NFTS founder, producer & host Nicole Whitney has been dubbed 'the Oprah of the Internet' by NFTS listeners.


Tantra Tip of the Day- Connect with the Body’s Wisdom

A wonderful way to begin the day is to connect with your body and see what wisdom it has to share with you. I suggest seating in a quiet place with your hands in your lap. Breathe and relax, let go of past and future. Focus your awareness on your hands; they may begin to feel warm or slightly energized. Then allow the feeling of aliveness in your hands to spread, filling as much of your body as happens easily. Notice if one part of your body is holding more energy or more tension than the rest of your body. Allow your attention to rest in this part your body. Slowly allow this part of your body to share its wisdom with you. What knowledge does it carry? What gift does it have for you today? How can you benefit from this wisdom? Is there anything else you need to know?

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.