Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wake up Now a One Minute Meditation

I am excited to share this practice from my forth coming book, Making Love to Life. It only takes 1 minute to drop in and notice the infinite bliss that is always already here. Do this 12-20 times a day.

The five lines are:
Looking Outward, I Experience the World.
Looking Inward, I Discover Emptiness.
Emptiness Recognizes Awareness.
Awareness Realizes Unity-Consciousness.
Unity-Consciousness Radiates Infinite Bliss

Try and Insight Timer App as a way to remember to practice.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Open the Central Pleasure Channel Video

Opening the Central Energy Channel

The purpose of this practice is to access and expand your awareness of the life-force energy that moves naturally throughout the body.  This practice supports you in having a relaxed body-mind, an open heart and more awareness of the Now.  Another benefit is that it helps to amplify and redistribute sexual energy throughout the body. 

 Four Keys of Tantra
1.      Breath
2.      Sound
3.      Movement
4.      Awareness

You are born knowing the essence of tantra. The four keys are natural and fundamental to the human condition. The first independent act we take at birth is to breathe. After our first breath, we cry (sound) which expands our lungs.  These two important acts are crucial for infants to make the shift from living in their mother’s womb to being able to live and breathe on their own.  Next, the infant begins to move its arms and legs and explore the space around him/her. All of this arises within awareness.

Standing or Lying Down
The following practices can be done either standing with legs hip-width apart and knees slightly bent or lying comfortably on your back with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  I recommend trying it both ways. 

The Sipping Breath and “AHHH” Sound
The Sipping Breath amplifies awareness of the inhalation and allows you to draw the air deep into the abdomen.  This type of breathing increases the amount of oxygen circulating in the body, which increases the sense of vitality and pleasure we can feel.
1.      Begin by placing your hands just below the navel area and puckering your lips as if you are sipping through a straw. Leave a slight gap between the lips and inhale deeply through the mouth. Feel your abdomen expanding. 

2.      Then, relax the mouth, drop the shoulders and let the air flow out effortlessly, while making the sound “AHHH” throughout the exhalation.

 Pelvic Rocking
Now, we add external movement, called, “pelvic rocking.” This practice opens the sacral area (2nd chakra) and helps to activate the sexual energy stored in the pelvic bowl.   
1.      In this practice you will visualize a channel of energy running up the center of the body, just in front of the spine, from the perineum (the area between the genitals and the anal area) up to the top of the head.  

2.      Focus your attention on rotating your pelvis by moving it forward and backward.  As you inhale, arch the lower back, the buttocks will naturally stick out slightly. As you exhale, tuck the tailbone under, flattening the lower back and rounding the shoulders.  As the pelvis rotates, the whole spinal column is naturally engaged. This causes the head to fall back slightly (as you arch the lower back) and fall forward slightly (as you round the shoulders).

3.      Once you have this movement established, you can add the “Sipping Breath.”  Inhale deeply and see if you can feel the breath activating the energy in the perineum as you arch the lower back. Exhale with an “Ahhh,” as you tuck your tailbone and round the shoulders.  

4.      This time, as you inhale visualize sipping the energy up from the perineum towards the heart and as you exhale with an “Ahhh” feel the energy moving back towards the perineum.
5.      Go at a rate that feels right for you. You may begin to notice an increased awareness of your sexual/life force energy as it begins to move up and down the central channel.
6.       As you feel ready, try quickening and then slowing the pace.  Relax and enjoy the sensations that arise as you explore the central channel. 

The PC Pump
Next, we add the internal movement, called the PC Pump or Kegel Exercise.  This practice strengthens and tones the pelvic floor/PC (pubococcygeul) muscles. Becoming more aware of how to consciously engage these muscles will allow you to more effectively channel your sexual energy. This practice supports both men and women in having multiple full-body orgasms. It can help men to develop the ability to choose when, and if, they ejaculate. 

1.      Begin by bringing the focus of attention to the pelvic floor. Squeeze the PC muscles, as if you were stopping the flow of urine. See if you can isolate the various muscles around the urethra and anus. 
2.      Allow your arms to rest at your sides.  As you inhale, contract your PC muscles.  At the same time, squeeze your hands into fists as a reminder to contract the pelvic floor muscles.
3.      As you exhale, relax your hands and your PC muscles.  Do this several times until it begins to feel more natural.

4.      Next, add the Sipping Breath on the inhale and “Ahhh” on the exhale.
5.      Once that is established, add the Pelvic Rock. On the inhale, sip in the breath as you arch the back and squeeze the PC and fists.  On the exhale, make the “Ahhh” sound as you flatten the lower back and relax the PC and hands. 

6.      Once that is established, continue with all the steps and, on the inhale, visualize energy moving up the central channel from the pelvic floor toward the crown of the head. On the exhale, visualize the energy moving back down the central channel to the pelvic floor. As you do this practice, you will become aware of increased energy and vitality circulating throughout the body. 
1.      Look within the notice the empty space that exists before thoughts arise.
2.      Be curious about this empty space. Ask, “What is present prior to all experience? “
3.      Notice that this fundamental space of awareness never changes. It is infinite and eternal. This is Awareness, it is your fundamental nature.

“When I look within and realize I am emptiness, that is freedom. When I look outward and realize I am everything, that is love. Creation is simply the dance of love and freedom infinitely and eternally unfolding.” Crystal Dawn Morris

Opening the central channel increases awareness, well-being and vitality. When done regularly it supports you in experiencing more ease and joy in life. It also helps you tap into the orgasmic energy of Source Consciousness that underlies all of creation.

Opening the central channel increases awareness, vitality and, when done regularly, supports you in experiencing increased orgasmic energy- both inside and outside a sexual context!

©2013-2016 Crystal Dawn Morris, The Love and Freedom Coach™