Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day- Love this Moment

Love this moment, it is the only one there is. Take little mini-breaks though out the day to drop into present moment awareness. Surrender your thoughts , fears, judgments and beliefs. Just for this moment feel the freedom that lives in the here and now.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Tantra Tip Of the Day- Honor the Body

The body is a sacred temple that your soul inhabits for this lifetime. How do you honor your body? Take a moment and ask your body what it needs today to feel honored as a sacred temple. How does it feel to honor your body?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day- Heart Gifts

Close your eyes, breathe----and drop into the center of your heart. What gift lies hidden here? How can you share this gift with the world today?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day - Stop

Stop, just for a moment and be still. Feel that which is hidden just beyond the veil of form. Dip your toe into this pool of emptiness.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tantra Tip of the Day - Fresh Eyes

Let go of what you know, with fresh eyes see the Truth that is always here. Breathe it into your heart and expand into emptiness.

It is the simplest things that make us joyful.
Crystal Dawn

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feeling into Another's Deepest Heart

Someone in my Deida Connection Group asked how does one feel into another's deepest heart. This practice is a great to feel into both your heart and someone else's heart.

In SkyDancing Tantra we begin our practice by creating a Bubble. Seated across from one another, begin with a heart salutation- the acknowledgment of the divine in each other. Then create a bubble around yourselves to call yourselves into the present moment. Do this with your intention and by using your arms to define the bubble. Then, take things out of the bubble that don't serve you in this moment (past, distraction, anger etc.) Next, bring things into the bubble that will enhance your connection (love, willingness, presence etc.)

Next, offer an appreciation to the other person (I honor your heart...)
After that, share your intentions/desires, fears and boundaries related to the practice while the other person listens without judgment or commentary.

Why Boundaries? When I teach this practice in my classes, people often have resistance to setting boundaries. Boundaries are not walls, they are bridges. Where two people’s healthy boundaries meet is where intimacy happens.

Your boundary, is the edge that you feel safe moving up to but not beyond. Knowing your boundary allows you to feel safe and stay present right up to your edge. Boundaries are dynamic and can change, so it is important to check in with them periodically and update your partner if the have changed. Here are a few examples: “I need to end by 3pm.” “I only want you to touch my…” “I will keep my heart open and notice if I start to contract.”

Once you are in your Bubble then you can practice Eye Gazing. Begin by gazing into the other person’s left eye. Don’t try to look into both eyes at once. It is ok to change which eye you are gazing in if you feel called too. Just relax, breathe and allow the experience to unfold. Begin with five minutes or so and extend the time as you get more comfortable with the process. This is a great way to discover how willing you are to open, to be seen, to see the Divine in another and to see where resistance arises. This is a great practice to deepen your heart connection.

End with a heart salutation. The bubble you've created allows you to feel the support of the sacred as you continue with your practice.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Discover the Path to Bliss- SkyDancing in Phoenix, 1/17/09
Magic happened! We gathered and spent the day exploring SkyDancing Tantra. Hearts opened, loved flowed and truth was expressed. Essence was shared and experienced by all. Thanks for showing up and being so authentic.

What a delightful day exploring the path to bliss. Ten people gathered in Phoenix and explored seeing the Divine in each other and in each moment. They learned how the create a bubble and share their desires, fears and boundaries. They visited their "Sacred Garden" and met their "Inner Lover."

Energy flowed as we used the 3 Keys to open the "Inner Flute" and expand the awareness of our true nature. Joy was had by all as we let go of past and future and discovered the bliss that is in every, Now moment.

We ended the day with the Heart Wave Meditation. This meditation which is done in a dyad and is based on an ancient Tibeatan Buddhist practice, allows you to move beyond, personality, thought and ego and melt into emptiness.

Wow! It was my birthday and I can't think of a better way to celebrate it than this.

Student Comments:

“This was the most energetic and transformational experiences I have ever had. To be able to open up and be honest with another person , and be honest with myself, without fear of my vulnerability. I feel I have taken a huge step on my path to discovering myself and the person I truly am . The sharing of the energy in the room was both inspiring and calming, joyous and safe, loving and nurturing. I look forward to more shared experiences with Crystal Dawn and the other people I met here. Namaste “
Carol F. Phoenix, AZ

“As a newcomer to Tantra, Crystal (and assistant Jim,) held an excellent group session that was very informative and had me very focused on the energy present. I certainly would do this again. Thanks Crystal (and Jim.)”
Larry B. – Phoenix, AZ

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emptiness Blooms in the Heart- A Weekend with Gangaji, Jan. 10-11

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I read Gangaji’s book The Diamond in Your Pocket: discovering your true radiance. This book is a gold mine of wisdom. I found answers to questions I have been curious about for years. She speaks with such clarity about emptiness, which is not so easy to do. As I read the words, I began to notice a real shift in my consciousness. My ego seemed to be dissolving. (It is an interesting thing to watch, this letting go of me as a separate being.) I have had many experiences over the years of entering ecstatic states of bliss, oneness, unity consciousness and they were marvelous, but as Gangaji points out- they end. This process is different. I am not in an ecstatic state. Instead of an “I” being aware, there is awareness of Awareness, that which never changes. This is a shift into a new way of being.

After Christmas I went online to see if she had any workshops in the near future and, to my joy, she was scheduled in San Diego Jan.10-11. I signed up immediately. My time with her was delightful. Her presence has a translucent quality and I could feel the Truth flow from her as a gentle, penetrating light. On Saturday afternoon, as we meditated with her, I felt a bouquet of roses, the color of emptiness, blossom and open my heart. This was so visceral I could almost smell the love and freedom as they filled the room. The path of self- inquiry she shares is so direct and powerful. Awareness is so clear and pure. I see now that thoughts, feelings, and desires will continue to come and go and yet this Awareness is always here in each moment.

This morning, I awoke at 4 a.m. and there were negative thoughts, fears that I am not being productive enough, to-dos, and concerns about the future. (There has been a noticeable desire to be in the flow and not to do for the past several weeks.) I lay in bed and watched the thoughts. I stayed aware and still the thoughts came and went. My mind remained busy until about 6:30, when I dozed off. I got up at 7:30 a.m. and watched a Gangaji DVD. It helped to hear her speak of Awareness and the traps the mind sets. Awareness settled in again. What I am learning is to stay present and watch the mind to see the story and not get caught in it, to feel the emotions but not become them, allowing whatever is arising to be as it is- conscious of it all and yet knowing it is not me. It is a new way of being and seeing.

Questions arise, lots of questions and, as Gangaji so beautifully suggested, there is nothing to expect and who is there to expect it anyhow?” So I relax, stay present and allow Truth to be revealed.

“Life is the Guru kissing, slapping, confirming, denying. What does it mean to be true to who you are?” Gangaji

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Discover the Path to Bliss - Jan 17th Phoenix

I am offering a one day training in the Phoenix area that is a gentle introduction to SkyDancing Tantra. In this class you will learn the 3 Keys to Bliss, meet your "Inner Lover," communication skills, reclaiming your ecstatic nature, and expanding your capacity for pleasure. This one-day workshop goes from 9:30 am - 7:30 pm. in Tempe, AZ. The cost is $125 per person. I hope to see you there.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blessings for you in 2009

May you appreciate all life.
May you connect with Source.
May you have an open heart.
May your intuition guide you.
May you have clarity of purpose.
May you cherish the sacred in all things.
May you trust yourself in every moment.
May you commit fully and never hold back.
May you be gentle with yourself and others.
May you honor your body and as a divine temple.
May you love and be loved with both passion and compassion.
May you be surrounded by friends who support your authenticity.
May you let go of past and future, living instead fully present in each moment.
May you let go of limitation and embrace your Divinity, sharing the gift you are with the world.

Blessings and lots of love,
Crystal Dawn