Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tantra Tip of the Day- Open to Desire

I am reading a great book called Open to Desire -Embracing a Lust for Life, Insights from Buddhism and Psychotherapy by Mark Epstein MD. In it he talks about how desire can be used to Awaken to our Divine nature. In one chapter he mentions how women often have trouble voicing their desires. Reading that helped me to looked at my desire to recieve help from others which I seldom verbalize. I highly recommend reading this book and I thank my daughter-in-law Tara for showing it to me.

I have been sick for several weeks and I am finally beginning to feel better. The lesson I have learned is that by letting go of control and surrending I was finally able to ask for and receive help I desired. I saw how I am much more comfortable giving than receiving. I want to thank my son, Elijah for taking care of me when I went to see him. He helped me to realize how much I wanted someone to be there for me. Tara thanks for your concern and telling Eli I was sicker than I let on.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Read my January Newsletter

Tantra for Awakening January Newsletter

Happy 2010! I hope the new year is treating you well. I have been blessed with a new grandson, Zev Elijah. I spent 3 weeks with him and his parents in Atlanta. Holding him and looking into his eyes made me wonder what the world will be like when he becomes an adult.

There is a lot of fear and suffering on the planet right now. Tantra teaches us how to quiet the monkey mind and recognize our true nature as Consciousness beyond form. We learn to appreciate being a human even when we are faced with challenges. We discover the suffering is a choice. When we let go of our attachment to outcome we suddenly are free.

Humanity is under going a major shift in consciousness at this time. It requires us to be mindful and not collapse into fear or victim hood. We need be present, stay connected and surrender into flow of what is arising. I look forward to the journey. I hope that the world we leave of grandchildren will be one that is based on love, respect, sustainability and diversity.

Crystal Dawn

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tantra Teacher Training 2010 in Sedona- Ready for a career change?

Is 2010 the year you will decide to live your bliss and teach other's how to live theirs? I am gearing up for my up coming Tantra teacher training called, The Art and Business of Teaching Tantra. If you are interested in becoming a successful Tantra Teacher or Coach in 2010 this program is for you! You learn how to embody what you teach and integrate it into your life. You will be mentored throughout the training and receive the support you need to successfully get started teaching and coaching in your community. Come learn to teach Tantra in beautiful Sedona, AZ.

The Art and Business of Teaching Tantra 2010
Certifying the Next Generation of Tantra Teachers

February through October 2010
Sedona, Arizona, USA

This training will provide:
• A unique “Mentoring for Success” program
• Skills to sensitively navigate private coaching sessions
• A healthy relationship with your Inner Master Teacher
• Guidance in creating the vision, look and feel of your business
• Expertise to create effective, dynamic Tantra workshops and events
• Marketing ideas that generate income as a Tantra teacher and coach

Taught in 3 one-week modules:
1. February 26- March 4, 2010
2. May 21-27, 2010
3. August 27-September 2, 2010

This comprehensive nine month training offers a unique blend of knowledge and insight from a number of wisdom traditions. It will be taught in three modules. Between modules there will be monthly conference calls to track progress, offer support and answer questions. Individual coaching calls will be available. This program is designed to create successful Tantra teachers and coaches who make a difference in the world. Participants will be expected to integrate and teach what they learn between modules. The training will be taught at the Sedona School of Temple Arts.

The cost of this all-inclusive residential intensive is $6995. It includes 3 weeks of training, 9 conference calls, accommodations and 2 meals a day. SAVE $1000 if you register by January 26. Payment plans are available. The course is limited to sixteen people to insure individual attention. The price for locals is $4500.
PayPal is available at:

This course is taught by Crystal Dawn Morris, a Certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher and the founder of Tantra For Awakening. She draws on a diverse background as a shamanic healer, nurse-midwife, intimacy coach and entrepreneur.

Contact info: