Monday, July 2, 2012

European Conference and Training on Sexuality & Consciousness

2012 ISTA Europe Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness
Copenhagen -
28 Sep 2012 - 30 Sep 2012

ISTA Europe Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness - Phoenix Rising, Dawn of a New EraThe ISTA Europe Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness is a gathering place for like-minded individuals.  Join experts in their fields as they share their knowledge, learn new tools and synthesize the energies of sacred mind, sacred body, sacred spirit, sacred heart and sacred emotion.  Synthesis goes beyond polarity and creates new opportunities to love and be free.  Meet your next mate, seed your next project.  You do not want to miss this special gathering bringing 11 years of sexuality consciousness to a new level.
Copenhagen SSSPT Training
Copenhagen -
01 Oct 2012 - 07 Oct 2012

Why this training rocks and you might want to consider doing it
......or doing it again
Essentially it is about presence, power and freedom - yours, ours, humanity's
Spiritual...Sexual....Shamanic ...each of these three areas alone carry enormous charge and potential for liberation as well as shadow and misuse of power.
Together, integrated we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered and in service as love in the world.
Your Instructors
Baba Dez  Crystal Dawn Morris  Matt Sinbad
The spiritual initiatory path is about unveiling our core identity - waking up or realising ourselves as part of the One life - God/Goddess. Inseperable from that Life we each nevertheless express it in a unique and unrepeatable way. When we awaken spiritually we find our essential divinity and unique calling.
The sexual initiatory path is about fully grounding in the body. Here we learn to bring the divine feminine and masculine aspects together in ourselves and activate kundalini - the dragon energy latent in the body and in the earth. This awakening brings erotic power to the love and light of the spiritual path and allows us to manifest our unique calling and bring bliss and joy to our daily lives.
The essence of the shamanic initiatory path is the capacity to travel and work multidimensionally. The shaman must face his or her own death so they can be ressurrected and serve a unique role in their collective. Liberated from the control of fear they are  available in times of crisis as guides, healers and wayshowers for their tribe.
Today the tribe has grown to include all humanity and all life on earth. And the crisis is global and relentless. The demand to awaken, integrate and liberate is a pounding drum in the heart. If you are responding to it and want to join with others to deepen your presence, power  and freedom then this might be for you.
Once we are free then love and genuine service is the immediate response....  for our freedom is inextricably tied together.