Friday, February 4, 2011

Write a Love Poem for Your Valentine

February is a great time to be inspired by love, passion or beauty. Sit down and connect with your "Inner Muse." Allow words to flow through you. If your inner critic shows up, send it out for a walk. Breathe deep, settle in and enjoy the process. Read your poem out loud to a lover or friend. Let the words caress your mind and open your heart.

Here are a couple of my love poems. Enjoy!

Touching You I Open

Touching you, I open, no words spoken.
Breathing together, I see God in your eyes.
Flesh against flesh, beneath cool sheets.

Subtle – Waves – Flowing,

Dreams carry me a way, cool lips entice me back.
Your breath on my face, warm, sweet- as- cherries.
I inhale you into my heart, no words for this…

Ahhh – Letting go,

Moments of Oneness, merging together,
No you or me, even "We" disappears.
All that exists--Emptiness and Bliss.

Crystal Dawn Morris

February 4, 2011


Midnight communication
Your heart against mine
I slid into your eyes

A door slowly opens
Wide and Spacious

Our souls caress the Divine
Waltzing among the stars
Naked and Free

Union and Communion
Hearts and minds as one
Beyond Words.

Crystal Dawn Morris
August 12, 2007

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