Monday, February 21, 2011

Sedona Film Festival, The Song Within

Last night was the official beginning of the 17th Annual Sedona Film Festival. At 9am this morning, I along with 440 other people, showed up at the Sedona Performing Arts Center to see the world premier of The Song Within. A movie based on the idea that every community is full of wisdom waiting to be uncovered. It focuses of 16 wise women living in Sedona.

I had only met Kathy Douglas, the director and producer of the film, a couple of weeks ago. She told me that her movie had just been accepted into the film festival and that I should come to the premiere. I told her was I was happy to show up support her and everyone in the film. I marked my calendar and looked forward to seeing how my friends would look on the big screen.

I was hoping for a good independent film, what I got was much more! I was blown-away by the depth, power and professionalism of Kathy Douglas, a novice filmmaker and her 2-person crew. The message was clear and beautifully shared by each woman through her unique story. Each explained how every person has a song to sing and a gift to give the world if we take the time to listen to the voice within.

This movie is an inspiring reminder of the wisdom that comes from sharing our story with others and the power of independent film-making on a shoe-string budget. I loved the slow pans of Sedona. The editing was well done, creating a multi-layered montage. The score was powerful and kept on opening up my heart until I surrender at last to a few tears. At the end I went up on the stage and gave Kathy Douglas and several of my friends well deserved hugs.

This is a must see film! Happily, they announced this morning that it will be repeated on Thursday night at 8 pm at the Sedona Performing Arts Center, located at the Red Rock High School. If you are in town don't miss it. I also recommend buying the DVD and supporting this labor of love.

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  1. The Song Within sounds really great. I can't wait to see some films at the Sedona Film Festival. I'll be sure to see this one as soon as I can. There's another film screening tonight (at 9pm) that I've heard great things about: How to Live Forever. It's a really interesting looking documentary about aging from the son of famed cinematographer Haskell Wexler. You should check out the film's site: