Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tantra Tip of the Day Practicing Surrender

Take a moment and feel into your body. Scan it from head to toe. Would you say its over-all tone is relaxed or constricted? Are some areas of your body open and others closed? Breathe into the areas of tension. See if you can let go of the need to control and be present with what is.

How does it feel to surrender to the moment? Are you able to trust the process or do you or find fault with what is arising? Is there a tendency to judge your self or blame others? Do you frequently resist what is arising in the moment? Is there a habit to try and control or change what is unfolding around you? What would it be like to surrender into the flow of life and trust that the universe is supporting you in every moment?

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  1. Yes thats one of my learning lessons that I am working on the art of surrender:-) thankyou for this post... Sonja Bertram Australia Melbourne