Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tantra Retreats for Couples in Sedona

I am really enjoying facilitating Tantra retreats for couples.

People's lives are so busy these days it is easy to feel disconnected from your Beloved. It is important to make time to reconnect with your love and desire for one another. A retreat gives you the time and tools to reignite your passion and reconnect your hearts, allowing you to once again relax into loving connection with one another.

A retreat can be booked for one to fourteen days. Each retreat experience is customized for your unique needs and desires. Retreats are held in a beautiful spa-like setting in Sedona, AZ.

There are a variety of sessions and activities offered.

Tantra Coaching
includes communication skills, chakra activation, cord cutting, intimacy practices and sacred sexual wisdom.

Activating the Light Body honors the body as a Sacred Temple and may include Reiki, breathwork, conscious touch, and a sensory awakening.

that take you into a deep process of connection that allows you to enter into a meditative state and merge with the Divine.

Land Journeys include hikes to vortex and connecting with the power of the red rocks.

If you are interested in learning more please contact me at 928-282-5483. Learn more at www.TantraForAwakening.com

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