Monday, March 10, 2014

A Dzogchen Five-Element Chakra Meditation

Tibetan Letter "Ah"

In the Dzogchen tradition of Tibet working with the 5 elements is consider to be a powerful way to support health, well being and spiritual clarity. I have found this meditation to be a very powerful practice. 

Earth - Upward-moving prana
Yellow Light moves upward from the throat towards the crown, in a motion like an umbrella opening. Visualize Ah in the throat chakra as it radiates peace.  Visualize Ah in the crown chakra as it allows compassion and luminosity to pervade all of Reality.

Space - Life-force prana
White Light moves out from the center of the chest pervading space.  It is in the shape of a wish-fulfilling gem.  Visualize Ah in the heart chakra as it evokes love and freedom. 

Fire - Fire-like prana
Red Light in the navel area radiates out like the spokes of a wheel. Feel the heat spreading outward. Visualize Ah in the navel chakra as it radiates pure presence and wisdom.

Air - Pervasive prana
Green Light radiates from 4 finger-breadths below the navel (where the side and central channels meet.) Visualize Ah in sacral chakra as it radiates flexibility, clarity and intelligence.

Water - Downward-moving prana
Blue Light flows downward like a waterfall. Visualize Ah in the secret chakra it radiates the quality of generosity and dissolves all attachments and aversions.  

 Inspired by the teachings of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in his book, 
 Healing with Form, Energy and Light.

 ©Crystal Dawn Morris 2014                                         

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