Sunday, August 31, 2008

Presence = Better Demos and Deeper Experiences

Last weekend while teaching my Awakening the Ecstatic Body Level One workshop I noticed that consistently the participants were dropping more deeply into each process and being more open and vulnerable with each other. Even the students who had been in my classes before, noticed a qualitative difference and commented on it. As the weekend progressed, I began to ask what I was doing differently than in the past. As I reflected on this, what stood out to me was that I had changed the demos. In the past, I would often explain what I was doing as I was giving the demonstration. This kept me a bit detached from the process and I wasn't as open or vulnerable as I could be. There were several reasons for this,which I won't go into right now.

One thing that has changed, is that I have a new assistant, Jim Miller, who is my friend and lover. It is a pleasure working with a man who I am intimate with, and it adds a depth and power to the demos. Jim suggested it would more effective to do an actual demo and then do any explaining afterwards. I immediately noticed a difference in the quality of my presence after each demo. I allowed myself to be fully in the experience instead of being half participant and half teacher. I also saw that people were deeply touched by the vulnerability they felt watching us being so open-hearted. This in turn opened them up and allowed them to go for it when they were in the process.

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