Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The 2 Hour BLISS Meditation Challenge

Dakini by A.Andrew Gonzalez
Presence is the sense I-Am or I Exist. It is the space in which all experiences arise. All appearances are made of Presence-Energy. Energy is another word for vibration. Thoughts are made of Presence-Energy. Every thought vibrates with a specific frequency. The higher the frequency of the thought the better you feel while thinking it.
The purpose of this practice is to discover that you can shape how you experience reality by harnessing the vibration of your thoughts. Simply focus on and stay aligned with positive high vibration thoughts and discover that you have the power to positively shape your reality by consciously choosing your frequency.  As you begin to resonate at a high vibration life begins to match your frequency.

The Challenge is to set aside a 2 hour block of time to do this practice. For 2 hours you will focus on a high vibration or positive thought for 10 seconds out of every minute. I resonated with the vibration of BLISS.  You want to choose the most exciting or inspiring  vibration or thought you can think that is not dependent on outside conditions. In other words, “I am bliss embodied.” I love life.” “Giving my gifts feels good.” “This moment rocks.” Not, “I won the Lotto.” Or “Angela Jolie loves me.”

I used the acronym B.L.I.S.S. See below. The last "S" is a space for you to put whatever thought is most exciting for you in the moment.

B EING – Presence-Consciousness
L OVE – Awareness that All-Is-One
I NSPIRES – Bursting with Creativity
S PACE …. For Whatever Feels Most Exciting and Expansive Now

If these words don’t resonate with you, pick your own. Experiment to see what vibration or thoughts most resonate for you. Such as:
“I am amazing.”
“Life is awesome.”
“I love Existence.”

If you do this practice for 2 hours you will discover just how powerful you are. You will move beyond your limiting beliefs and discover that by transforming your resonance to a higher frequency  you begin to manifest a life aligned with your dreams. You discover how effortless it is to be a conscious creator of your reality.

This article was inspired by Bentinho Massaro’s YouTube- A Simple Way to Raise Your Frequency and Vibration, 1.19.2015. Here is the link: 

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